FLORIDA Driver's License

how to get a florida drivers license

Getting a Florida driver’s license is quick and easy with driver license USA. No need to spend hours filling out paperwork or waiting in long lines – everything is handled online. Apply directly on our website, upload your documents and pay the fee, and your Florida driver’s license will be mailed directly to you. Our service handles all the steps required to get your Florida driver’s license, from meeting identification requirements to scheduling your driving test. Whether you need a first-time driver’s license, a replacement license or to renew your existing license, our online process makes it simple and convenient. Our goal is to provide Florida residents with a fast, stress-free way to get the credentials they need. Get started today and soon you’ll be cruising the Sunshine State’s beautiful beaches, palm tree-lined streets and orange groves in your very own vehicle. The open road is calling – answer it with your new Florida driver’s license in hand.

our customers have confirmed that they have successfuly used this ID at:

The World Famous Cigar Bar (Fort Myers, FL)
LIV (Miami Beach, FL)
Bardot Club (West Hollywood, CA)
Wall at W (South Beach, FL)
Eclipse Nightclub (Jacksonville, FL)
Blue Martini (West Palm Beach, FL)
Club Prana (Tampa, FL)
STORY Nightclub (Miami Beach, FL)
Mynt (Miami Beach, FL)
Eve (Orlando Downtown, FL)
The Castle  (Tampa, FL)

IDs Specification:

  1. Available Cards:florida fake IDs & Driver’s licence
  2. Term:5 years for original licenses, 5 years for renewals. Expiration is on birthday.
  3. Number: 13 coded characters:

    • N = initial of last name;
    • 1-3 = code of last name;
    • 4-6 = department coding;
    • 7-8 = year of birth;
    • 9-11= coding of birth date and sex;
    • 0 = tie-breaker digit (may not appear)
  4. Current design clones Florida licenses issued by the DMV.
  5. Material:Polycarbonate,PVC
  6. Thinkness:0.04inch
  7. Dimensions:85.60*53.98mm

IDs Details:

  1. Ghost images, larger image overlaps photo (SERVES AS HOLOGRAM), smaller in transparent gold window.
  2. UV state outline, gold window, repeating “FL” diagonally across front.
  3. Optically variable “FD” and holder’s birth year (e.g., FD97) above ghost image.
  4. back comes with UV & inverted duplicate photo.
  5. Florida State Seal.
  6. Cards are flexible & will pass bend test.
  7. Raised printing techniques used to print certain elements.
  8. We encode correctly with your data, so your card will 100% scan on any capable license reader.

IDs Package and Shipment:

  1. Cover the both sides of fake IDs card with cartoon card.
  2. Shipping:CN,USA
  3. Confidential Packaging,Security Delivery
  4. Delivery: Reguler shipping 2 to 3 day, overnight shipping, next day.

  5. Free shipping: 5 days or sooner for production, extra 2 weeks for delivery.
  6. After delivery, our staff will send you tracking number via email or whatsapp/Telegram.