Ohio Driver's License

how to get ohio drivers license

The driver license Ohio offers you is your passport to freedom and convenience. Whether you’re a new driver just learning the ropes or an experienced motorist, this official state ID gives you the power to go where you want, when you want. Made from durable materials designed to last, this driver’s license meets all requirements to prove your identity and age to get through TSA checkpoints, board flights, and enter venues that require ID. With this license in your wallet, you’ll be ready for whatever life throws your way – from renting a car to buying alcohol – and you’ll do it with confidence knowing you have an ID you can trust from the state of Ohio. No more worries about driving without proper identification – with this drivers license, you’ll be in compliance so you can drive stress free.

our customers have confirmed that they have successfuly used this ID at:

Axis Nightclub & Lounge (Columbus, Ohio)
Skully’s Music Diner (Columbus, OH)
Park Street Patio (Columbus, OH)
Vault (Cleveland, OH)
Medusa (Cleveland, OH)
Club Princeton (Columbus, OH)
Sugar Bar 3 (Columbus, OH)
Wall Street Nightclub (Columbus, OH)
Velvet Dog (Cleveland, OH)
Liquid (Cleveland, OH)

IDs Specification:

  1. Available Cards:Ohio fake IDs & Driver’s license
  2. Term:4 years validity, expiring on birthday.
  3. Number:2 letters, followed by 6 digits, unspaced, uncoded.
  4. Current design matches Ohio licenses issued by the DPS.
  5. Material:Polycarbonate
  6. Thinkness:0.045inch
  7. Dimensions:84.20*52.30mm

IDs Details:

  1. Ghost image; holograms of repeating state outline, flag, cityscape, tire tread; “Department of Public Safety” vertically at left.
  2. Black Real ID.
  3. UV “OHIo-1803” and state seal; microprinting.
  4. Back; curled micro signature; DOB, inverted ghost portrait.
  5. Raised Printing; horizontal & vertical DOB overlapping grayscale portrait.
  6. Plastic card with fineline background; magnetic stripe and 2D barcode on the back.
  7. Compatible format used in encoding 2D QR codes. Fully tested with (READER) & (SWIPE) scanners.

IDs Package and Shipment:

  1. Cover the both sides of fake IDs card with cartoon card.
  2. Shipping:CN,USA
  3. Confidential Packaging,Security Delivery
  4. Delivery: Reguler shipping 2 to 3 day, overnight shipping, next day.

  5. Free shipping: 5 days or sooner for production, extra 2 weeks for delivery.
  6. After delivery, our staff will send you tracking number via email or whatsapp/Telegram.