Illinois Driver's License

how to get a drivers license in illinois

A drivers license for the prairie state, this illinois drivers license will prove you’re road ready on the highways of the Land of Lincoln. The license will allow you to legally operate any motor vehicle in the state of illinois, and show authorities and store clerks alike that you’ve passed the necessary knowledge and driving tests. Whether you’re a local or visitor just passing through, having the proper drivers license il can help you avoid any bureaucratic headaches or traffic stops that slow you down. The material blend and cutting-edge features ensure durability and security, while the stylish design evokes the spirit of adventure and freedom that comes with the privilege of driving in Illinois.

our customers have confirmed that they have successfuly used this ID at:

Stereo Nightclub (Chicago, IL)
Beauty Bar (Chicago, IL)
Theory (Chicago, IL)
TAO (Chicago, IL)
Club Nu (Chicago, IL)
Studio Paris (Chicago, IL)
Chicago Magic Lounge (Chicago, IL)
Berlin (Chicago, IL)
Disco (Chicago, IL)
The Underground (Chicago, IL)
Smart Bar (Chicago, IL)
Slippery Slope (Chicago, IL)

IDs Specification:

  1. Available Cards: Illinois fake IDs & Driver’s license.
  2. Term: Up to 5 years,need to renewal 4 years,expiring on birthday.
  3. Number: Initial of last name followed by 11 digits.
  4. Template: Current design clones Illinois licenses issued by the DMV.
  5. Material:Polycarbonate
  6. Thinkness:0.025inch
  7. Dimensions:82.10*54.06mm.

IDs Details:

  1. Ghost image: fine-line background with portrait of Lincoln and state seal.
  2. Laser-perforated state map.
  3. 1818 on cardstock laminated overlay.
  4. Hologram of skyscrapers in Chicago.
  5. UV front; wavy lines and top hat.
  6. UV back; holder’s photo and DOB.
  7. Flexible card with 1D and 2D barcodes on back.
  8. May show Real ID STAR, FEDERAL LIMITS APPLY or neither.
  9. Must not show out-of-state address.

IDs Package and Shipment:

  1. Cover the both sides of fake IDs card with cartoon card.
  2. Shipping:CN,USA
  3. Confidential Packaging,Security Delivery
  4. Delivery: Reguler shipping 2 to 3 day, overnight shipping, next day.

  5. Free shipping: 5 days or sooner for production, extra 2 weeks for delivery.
  6. After delivery, our staff will send you tracking number via email or whatsapp/Telegram.