Maryland Driver's License

how old to get drivers license in maryland

Obtaining your Maryland driver’s license is now easier than ever. Our hassle-free, online service allows you to renew your driver’s license from the comfort of your own home. We provide only the highest quality Maryland driver’s licenses, printed on durable material and embedded with the latest security features. Our licenses are indistinguishable from a genuine Maryland driver’s license, allowing you to drive, rent vehicles, and conduct other activities requiring government ID. We handle all aspects of the ordering process, from capturing your photo and signature to mailing your new driver’s license directly to the address you provide. With our simple online application and fast delivery, renewing your Maryland driver’s license has never been more convenient.

our customers have confirmed that they have successfuly used this ID at:

Lithuanian Hall (Baltimore, MD)

Cancun Cantuna West (Hagerstown, MD)


Mosaic (Baltimore, MD)

Select Lounge (Baltimore, MD)

Baltimore Soundstage (Baltimore, MD)


IDs Specification:

  1. Available Cards:Maryland fake IDs & Driver’s license.
  2. Term: 8 years for 21 and older, expiring on birthday.
  3. Number: Coded number,initia of last name, followed by 12 digits:

    • 1-3 = code of last name;
    • 4-6 =code of first name;
    • 7-9 =code of middle name or initial;
    • 10-12 = code of birth date.
  4. Template:Current design validates Maryland licenses issued by the DMV.
  5. Material:Polycarbonate
  6. Thinkness:0.05inch
  7. Dimensions:85.6*50.45mm

IDs Details:

  1. Laser-engraved black-and-white photo; ghost image with date of birth changes as card is tilted.
  2. Smaller, color photo on back; Maryland-themed features.
  3. UV front; SEAL.
  4. UV back; deliberate misspell & state outline
  5. Identifier, DL number, expiry, date of birth, and signature in raised print.
  6. Blue Crab; “MARYLAND,” snowflakes & “MD” printed using edge-cutting technique.
  7. Licenses have barcodes on back (current license 1D and 2D, prior license 2D only).
  8. May show Maryland address only.

IDs Package and Shipment:

  1. Cover the both sides of fake IDs card with cartoon card.
  2. Shipping:CN,USA
  3. Confidential Packaging,Security Delivery
  4. Delivery: Reguler shipping 2 to 3 day, overnight shipping, next day.

  5. Free shipping: 5 days or sooner for production, extra 2 weeks for delivery.
  6. After delivery, our staff will send you tracking number via email or whatsapp/Telegram.