How long does it take for my scannable ID to arrive?

We will begin making your card within 1 day of receiving your payment, and will have it arrive at your house from the next day or the day after business days later. We package it discretely and your college, parents or postman won’t have a clue what is inside.

How can I get fake ids?

Just place an order on our website, and the process of ordering is so easy.
Step 1: Click on the CONTACT section and place orders
Step 2: Submit the basic info, photo and signature to make ids
Step 3: Finish the payment
Step 4: Production starts and keep in touch

Are all the IDs provided by you scannable?

Yes! All of our IDs have the barcodes on the back, with correct holograms on them and look identical to its authentic ones. We use BCS ID Scanner to verify every card before shipping out to our buyers. All of our scannable ID card can pass the bend test and the blacklight test.

Can I get Refund or Reprint?

Our reprint policy is flexible. We provide a new ID card only if our scannable ID does not match your requirements or any mishandling is detected on our part.

So far, we have not had more than just a few cases where we have provided Reprints or demanded by customers. We have a satisfied customer base of thousands of subscribers & never faced any issues when it concerns our quality.Refunds will be provided in case you do not receive the intended products.

Could you suggest any info printed on the card ?

Sure, we can do your ID address, DOB, Signature, and DL number even make up a full name for you. But please make sure to submit accurate info and photos. 



Is there any difference between your card and the real card?

All the cards we offer to our clients are LEGIT, scannable, identical to real thing ,with barcode, UV pattern and hologram layer. There is no chance anyone can see a difference between the card we print and the real card.




Do I have to worry about Customs?

Don’t worry. All packages will be packed in safe and low-profile boxes, to get pass the possible inspections from custom; You’ll get a tracking number, please make sure check your email and find the tracking information in it.





Do you provide free duplicates?

Yes, all orders come with free duplicates for each person within your order.





How can I change my shipping address if I already placed the order?

If you need to change your shipping address, please make sure that your ID has NOT shipped yet. If it has, there is nothing we can do.





What payment methods do you accept? How to pay?